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SlatTed roof

Elegance that casts shadows.

An homage to refinement and precision.

Our bioclimatic pergola systems are more than just a masterpiece of design; they are an ode to refinement and precision. Discover our slatted roofs.

360° OUTDOOR experience

Ideal shade

360° OUTDOOR experience

Elegant rain cover

360° OUTDOOR experience

Cuddly warm in winter

360° OUTDOOR experience

Ideal wind protection


Excellent design supports

Experience individual exterior design. Our roofs can now be individually designed with design supports. Our design supports can be combined individually and replace the standard supports without affecting the statics.


Experience individual exterior design! Our pergolas can be customized with design supports. Our design supports can be combined individually and replace the standard supports without affecting the statics.


Get inspired

Design supports

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magic light


magical light



Magical light

Experience pergolas in a new light! Our louvered roofs can be equipped with a variety of lighting options to transform your outdoor spaces into a magical atmosphere. Whether it's soft lighting for romantic evenings or festive highlights for social gatherings — design your louvered roofs just the way you want and immerse yourself in a world of atmospheric possibilities.
Lamellar roofs

Perfection in every Detail


design supports.

Our design supports can be arranged in any way
Every corner is individual!


Zip vertical awnings

Vertical cassette awning with wind-stable rails. The sliding system of the cloth is attached to the rails with a zipper, for an almost hermetic seal. Thanks to the lateral guidance, special stability and a firm grip are guaranteed even in strong winds. The shading can be optimally integrated into the pergola and creates a pleasant climate as well as privacy and glare protection.


all-glass sliding wall

With the sliding glass wall, you can enjoy pure living on your terrace. When closed, it offers reliable weather protection and thanks to the frameless construction, you always enjoy full transparency. The all-glass elements are easy to move without much force and momentum. Thanks to the soft-close function, the lenses can be moved almost silently.


Frame with sliding element

In a minimalistic design, the sliding wall creates absolute transparency and gives the glass house its filigree look. Impressive glass frames create a new exclusive building style. Thanks to the aluminum frame construction, you can enjoy a longer period of time outdoors even with a small radiant heater and therefore have even more of your outdoor seating area.


Drehbare- Lamellenwand

Entdecken Sie die Drehbare- Lamellenschiebewand, die elegante Lösung für flexible Lichtsteuerung und Privatsphäre, gefertigt aus pulverbeschichtetem und stranggepresstem Aluminiumprofilen. Unsere senkrechten, einstellbaren Lamellen bieten optimalen Schutz vor Blicken und ermöglichen es Ihnen, den Lichteinfall nach Belieben zu regulieren. Dieses langlebige und wartungsarme Material fügt sich nahtlos in jedes architektonische Design ein und ist in verschiedenen Ausführungen erhältlich. Die Lamellenwand vereint Funktionalität mit moderner Ästhetik. Besuchen Sie unsere Website oder kontaktieren Sie uns direkt für weitere Informationen.

Individual add-ons

We offer suitable additions to our slatted roofs.


Smart Remote Control


Cleaning kit


Frame Colors.

Our slatted roofs are available in many different colors. An overview of all frame colors can be downloaded here.

Product Planner for Custom Requirements


Our preconfigured models.

OPAL 620

Frequently asked questions

In order to quickly provide you with the information you are looking for about our sales channels, service processes, products and solutions, we have compiled the most important issues here.
What is a louvered roof and what functions does it offer?

A louvered roof is an innovative canopy with rotating slats that provides protection from various weather conditions while allowing light and air to pass through.

What materials are slatted roofs made of?

Lamellar roofs are typically made from durable materials such as glass or aluminum to ensure longevity and resistance to weather conditions.

Can a slatted roof be adapted to any type of house?

Lamellar roofs are highly adaptable and can be integrated into existing architectures as well as designed as independent structures. Its flexible design makes it possible to adapt it to various styles and spatial requirements, making it a popular choice for expanding residential and commercial buildings.

How are slat roofs operated?

The need for a building permit depends on local building regulations. Consult your municipality or city administration for specific requirements. You usually need detailed building plans and may have to pay a fee.

How long does it take to assemble a pergola and can I do it myself?

Assembly time varies depending on size, design, and material. A simple kit can be set up by two people within a day, while more complex or custom-made pergolas take more time.

Do louvered roofs provide year-round protection?

Thanks to their adjustable slats, slat roofs provide effective protection against sun and rain, making them an ideal solution for year-round use in outdoor areas. In addition, they can be supplemented with side walls or curtains to also provide lateral protection from wind and weather.

How do I care for my louvered roof?

Caring for a louvered roof is usually straightforward. Aluminum slats can be cleaned with water and a mild detergent. With glass fins, care should be taken to use special glass cleaners to prevent streaks and water stains.

Do I need a building permit for a louvered roof?

The requirements for building permits can vary significantly from region to region. In general, before building a louvered roof, it is advisable to check with the relevant building authority to ensure that all local regulations and guidelines are met.

What is the warranty on slat roofs?

The warranty conditions for slat roofs vary depending on the manufacturer. It is important to check the specific warranty services and terms before you buy to be sure

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