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In the open air


In the open air.

Elegance and Protection combined

With their water-repellent fabric covering and integrated LED lighting, our pergolas offer optimal protection and comfort outdoors to make the most of your time outside.


Get inspired


Magic light

Experience pergolas in a new light! Our louvered roofs can be equipped with a variety of lighting options to transform your outdoor spaces into a magical atmosphere. Whether it's soft lighting for romantic evenings or festive highlights for social gatherings — design your louvered roofs just the way you want and immerse yourself in a world of atmospheric possibilities.

Perfection in every Detail

Zip vertical awnings

Vertical cassette awning with wind-stable rails. The sliding system of the cloth is attached to the rails with a zipper, for an almost hermetic seal. Thanks to the lateral guidance, special stability and a firm grip are guaranteed even in strong winds. The shading can be optimally integrated into the pergola and creates a pleasant climate as well as privacy and glare protection.

All-Glass sliding Wall

With the sliding glass wall, you can enjoy pure living on your terrace. When closed, it offers reliable weather protection and thanks to the frameless construction, you always enjoy full transparency. The all-glass elements are easy to move without much force and momentum. Thanks to the soft-close function, the lenses can be moved almost silently.

Frame with sliding Element

In a minimalistic design, the sliding wall creates absolute transparency and gives the glass house its filigree look. Impressive glass frames create a new exclusive building style. Thanks to the aluminum frame construction, you can enjoy a longer period of time outdoors even with a small radiant heater and therefore have even more of your outdoor seating area.

Aluminium Sliding Elements

Conductive on rails, sliding aluminum sun protection on an appropriate height-adjustable system including lock. Inclined aluminium strips measuring 5 x 1.5 cm, horizontal. Lower slide rails are fitted with a double system of vibration-damping seals.

Sapphire glazing

Sapphire glazing - The Sapphire glazing system with mobile elements is a new generation with an innovative touch that increases outdoor living spaces with its motorized panoramic glass surfaces. As a perfect combination of luxury and functionality, the glazing system with mobile elements offers many design options.

weather protection

Rain drain over the cloth.

weather protection

Protection against cooling

weather protection

Invisible rain gutters.

weather protection

Protection from the sun


Our preconfigured models.

OPAL 620

Individual add-ons

We offer suitable additions to our slatted roofs.


Smart Remote Control


Cleaning kit


Frame Colors

Our slatted roofs are available in many different colors. An overview of all frame colors can be downloaded here.

In our showroom in the middle of Frankfurt, you can not only test a selection of our products, but also choose color and fabric samples directly. Take a look at our 360° tour now!

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Frequently asked questions

In order to quickly provide you with the information you are looking for about our sales channels, service processes, products and solutions, we have compiled the most important issues here.
What is a pergola and what benefits does it offer?

A pergola is a free-standing garden structure made of wood, metal or plastic, or based on a building, which is often covered with climbing plants. It provides shade, a defined outdoor space and can serve as an attractive eye-catcher in the garden. It also creates a cozy area for relaxation or social gatherings.

What materials can a pergola be made of and what are the advantages and disadvantages of these materials?

Pergolas can be made from wood, metal (such as aluminum or steel), and vinyl. Wood has a natural look but requires regular maintenance. Metal is durable and requires little maintenance, but can be more expensive. Vinyl is also low-maintenance and weather-resistant, but it doesn't offer the same natural aesthetic as wood.

How do I choose the right size and design for my pergola?

Consider the size of your garden, intended use, and personal style. The pergola should be proportional to the available space and harmonious with the overall design of your outdoor area. Consider whether you want a traditional or modern structure and how it harmonizes with your home and garden.

Do I need a building permit for a pergola and if so, what is the best way to get one?

The need for a building permit depends on local building regulations. Consult your municipality or city administration for specific requirements. You usually need detailed building plans and may have to pay a fee.

How do I maintain and protect my pergola from the elements?

Regular cleaning, sanding and painting or glazing is important for wooden pergolas to protect them from moisture and UV damage. Metal and vinyl pergolas are easier to maintain, but should be regularly checked for damage and cleaned to prevent rust or weathering.

How do I integrate lighting, plants and other decorative elements into my pergola design?

Choose weatherproof fairy lights, solar lights, or built-in lighting for atmospheric evening lighting. Climbing plants such as ivy, vines, or flowers can provide natural shade and aesthetic value. Hang planters or decorative elements to add personal accents.

What are the differences between free-standing pergolas and pergolas attached to the house?

Free-standing pergolas are insulated structures that can be placed anywhere in the garden and offer flexibility in design. Attached pergolas are based directly on a house or other structure, which has the advantage that they are more easily accessible and often serve as an extension of the living space.

How long does it take to assemble a pergola and can I do it myself?

Assembly time varies depending on size, design, and material. A simple kit can be set up by two people within a day, while more complex or custom-made pergolas take more time.

How does a pergola affect the value of my property?

A well-designed and maintained pergola can increase the value of your property by upgrading the outdoor area and improving the quality of life. It can appeal to potential buyers who value an attractive and functional outdoor area.

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